How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home

A lot of people try to lose weight and fail. Most Americans have tried one weight loss program or diet at some point in their lives. In a bid to lose weight fast and easy, people get the wrong information.

According to research carried out in 2014, on the information available on the internet on weight loss. It was discovered, that not many sites publish the right or accurate content on weight loss.

As you search the internet, for weight loss tips and diets, ensure you put into use those programs or tips that will work for you as an individual.

Just before you jump to how to lose weight fast and easy, let’s take a look at the different causes of weight gain.




How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home



Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain and obesity are amongst the biggest health challenges in the world.

Most people claim that weight gain is basically a problem of will power and impulse control.

That will be a too simplistic approach to the causes of such a problem.

There are lots of factors, like genetics and hormones that drive overeating and lifestyle choices that predispose one to weight gain.

However, in order to lose weight fast and easy, factors that can contribute to weight gain has to be looked into.

Below are the leading causes of weight gain:


  • Genetics:

Genetics plays a role in weight gain. Studies have shown that children of obese parents are more likely to gain weight than children whose parents are not.

Also, how the body stores and distributes fat is also a function of genetics.


  • Hypothyroidism

This is a leading cause of weight gain. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones necessary to run the body’s metabolism.

Once this occurs, the metabolism of the body slows down.

This slowing down of the body’s metabolic rate affects the rate at which energy/fat is burned by the body.

Due to this slow rate, weight gain increases. However, this condition can be treated.


  • Insomnia

Lack of adequate sleep or sleep deprivation causes weight gain.

This sleep deprivation is sometimes caused by work, staying up late or even an inability to fall asleep on time.


Whether it’s the chronic sleep deprivation some people face or the occasional nights of too little sleep, when the body doesn’t get enough sleep, you can gain weight.


Lack of adequate sleep can cause changes in the hormones that control appetite and hunger.

When you sleep less, Leptin the hormone which suppresses hunger reduces.

While ghrelin the hormone which triggers appetite shoots up.


Also, when you stay awake at night the tendency to visit the kitchen increases in frequency.

Sleep deprivation causes a change in metabolism, hormones level, and even blood sugar.


  • Cushing Syndrome

Cushing syndrome is a condition caused by excess levels of the hormone cortisol.

When cortisol is produced in high amounts, it causes excessive weight gain.


Cortisol is known as the stress hormone.


However, it also regulates how food is metabolized. Studies have shown that Cushing syndrome affects more women than men.


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  • Food Addiction

Most times when people talk or think about addiction, only drugs, alcohol and/or sex come to mind.

However, people also have food addictions.

Addiction is a disease that somehow, the society has managed to attribute to only the weak.

Unlike certain addictions, food addiction leaves you functional, coherent and able to carry out almost your day to day activities.


Food addiction has its causes like every other addiction.

It could be psychological, environmental or even biological.

Food addicts often embark on one weight loss program or the other, all in aid to lose weight fast and easy

Addiction is compulsive because the reward signals sent to the brain at the sight of food often overrides other signals.


In the case of food addiction, research has shown that the pleasure centers of the brain triggered by narcotics also get triggered by highly palatable foods. Examples: Sugar, Fat, Salt. Food addiction, causes some persons to exhibit behaviors that make them unable to lose weight fast and easy.


  • PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition that can affect a woman’s fertility and health.

In fact, it is among the leading causes of infertility in women.

This condition occurs when there’s an overproduction of androgens, which interferes with egg development and release from ovaries.

Due to the fact that women who have PCOS have higher levels of male hormones and are insulin resistant, they are prone to becoming overweight.

Therefore, how to lose weight fast and easy becomes a major concern for women having PCOS.



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  • Misinformation

Most persons are misinformed or have the wrong information about health and nutrition.

A lot of sites, either oversimplify scientific research or they downplay their discovery or even give wrong interpretations.

Other times, certain myths and old wives tales that get handed down from generations also give weight loss tips.

Drugs and/herbs that may not do much for the people.

Some companies or individuals promote certain drugs or even weight loss supplements that are ineffective.

Knowing the different possible causes of weight gain will prepare you.



How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home



How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy at Home

Now that we have discussed the different causes of weight gain, we will move quickly to point out the various ways that the weight gained can be lost.

The first thing you must bear in mind is that it is possible to lose weight fast and easily.

It really does not matter how the weight was accumulated in the first place.

Strict adherence to a weight loss diet and compliance with the weight loss tips listed here will definitely ensure that you lose weight fast and easy.

So, here are the weight loss tips you should try out:


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1. Reduce Your Intake of Processed Foods:

Processed foods are unhealthy, and even more than that, they make you add a lot of weight.

Processed food has high sodium, fat, and calories content.



How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home


When you eat a lot of processed foods, you will end up filling your system with a lot of junk without having obtained any of the nutrients that whole foods can afford you.


Research has also shown that processed foods have a high tendency of causing addiction in a person. Putting this simply, it just means that when you eat a lot of processed food, you are more likely to get addicted.


Addiction to processed foods would mean that you will begin overeating, and the result will be weight gain.

Following from all that has been said above, one of the ways of making sure that you do not eat a large amount of processed food is by making sure that you have healthy snacks handy at all times.

This will make it that whenever you feel a craving for processed food, you could simply swap with the healthy snack you have handy.

This will ensure that your nutritional needs are always met, and also that you are able to lose weight naturally and fast.


When you cut out processed foods, you stand a chance of losing as much as 10 pounds fast.


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2. Detox: Drink lots of Fluids, especially Water:

A lot of persons struggling with weight issues underestimate the importance of fluids –, especially water- in their diet.

Thus, they usually take just a little water as part of their diet.

In some cases, even, some persons substitute water with other sweetened beverages which have high-calorie contents and then subsequently lead to weight gain.


How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home


If you really want to lose weight fast and easy, then you need to begin to pay more attention to the amount of water you take.

Water has the ability to detox your system. When your system is detoxed, it subsequently leads to weight loss.

Furthermore, water has no calories. So, even if you get thirsty easily and you consume lots of it, you do not stand the chance of getting fat or adding weight.

Water comes with a lot of health benefits for you also.

For instance, it helps increase your metabolism.

Also, when you make a habit of taking water while you eat, it could help reduce the amount of food that you eat.


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3. Make a Habit of counting your Calorie Intake:

Admittedly, this can be quite tasking, and also involves a huge amount of dedication.

However, if you are really interested in losing weight fast, then you can muster the commitment needed to keep an eye on your calorie intake.

It is often touted that counting calories are a brilliant way of being on top of the amount of weight you gain because it can help you avoid overeating.

When you count the calories found in each meal, you will know exactly how much you are consuming and how much you need to eat.

You could also consider getting a food journal.

Admittedly, this may not work for everyone, but there is no harm to trying it out mainly at the onset of your weight loss journey.


How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home


A food journal will make it that you are aware of just how much food you consume.

When this happens, you become aware of any deficiency that exists in your diet, and you will be empowered to make the necessary adjustments.

It may be that you are taking a lot of one nutrient to the detriment of some others.

When you keep a food journal, you will be able to balance out whatever differences that exist.


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  • Beware of Pills that promise Weight loss:

In the world today, it is impossible not to get inundated with commercially promising how to lose belly fat and likes.

Some of the magic cures proliferated by these TV commercials include pills that promise to help weight loss.

That truth, however, is that a vast majority of those pills do not work.


According to research carried out by a professor of nutrition at Oregon University, Melinda Manore, none of the natural weight supplements that she surveyed resulted in any significant weight loss.


Of course, a lot of persons may way to take the easy road that these pills promise, and that would have been no problem except that the pills do not work.

Also, when you follow this routine, you’ll be packing your system full of chemicals that will be potentially dangerous to you in the future.

You stand a chance of damaging your liver and other internal organs.

Losing weight following the natural route may seem quite difficult, but it promises results that can be relied upon.

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5. Do Weight Loss Exercises:

There is no faster way to get rid of belly fat, and to generally lose weight fast that is better than engaging in exercise.

A lot of individuals do not engage in exercise at all, and more importantly, they also have sedentary jobs, which means that they spend a large amount of time sitting at their jobs.

This sort of lifestyle thus means that the individual will hardly get the amount of exercise needed to keep them fit.

If you want to lose weight fast, then you have to exercise.

Exercise helps you burn calories quickly.

You should incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle.

It could be as simple as deciding to walk to work every day instead of taking the bus or even deciding to take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Exercises for weight loss - How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally at Home


You could also decide to get a personal fitness trainer or get enrolled at the local gym.

When you do this, you will find yourself losing weight in no time.


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How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy-5 Ways to Burn Fat Naturally with Weight Loss Exercises at Home




Final Words

Now that you know how to lose weight, what are you going to do with the information?

Will you make use of it and put in the work to get the desired result?

Or you’d just keep procrastinating? We hope you’d do the former because that’s why we put in all that effort to bring you this content.

Keep thriving and have fun.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions on how to lose weight fast and easy

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