15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss

 Losing weight is a long stressful process. Asides the extreme workouts, you’d love to know that it’s possible to lose weight from eating some belly fat burning foods.

In this article, we’ll tell you food to eat to lose weight naturally at home.


Sometimes we don’t cut ourselves enough slack and we count calories like we’re models. We tell ourselves;


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



‘I can’t eat that; it’s a lot of calories!’


Research has shown that many overweight young people from their adolescent age begin to make efforts to exercise or extreme diet food recipes.

It’s surprising how very few people think of using food for weight loss.

We are talking about belly fat burning foods’ here. These are natural weight loss foods which when taken in, boost the rate of metabolism.

So, let’s look at the 15 best fat belly burning foods you can eat to lose weight fast:


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Quick Weight Loss

1. Eggs

Let’s start with what some consider the very best belly fat burning food; Eggs.

Would you believe that one of the ninth wonders of an amazing breakfast contributes gainfully to this?

Welcome this new knowledge with great pleasure. Yes, eggs are very rich in high-quality protein content.

They are slimming foods which make great ingredients for diet food recipes.


People usually have broad misconceptions. Word has it that eggs are high in cholesterol.

This, as research has rightly told, results in heart attacks.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Quick Weight Loss


However, to help the situation, kindly stay off egg yolks. The actual effect of consuming eggs on blood cholesterol is minimal.

This is in comparison with the effect of trans fat and saturated fats.


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2. Green Tea

Moving on to green tea as one of the best foods for weight loss.

This special kind of beverage possesses a good amount of caffeine. It is also one of the preferred sources of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

This is primarily an antioxidant which speeds up fat burning.

It will also help you lose that belly fat you are so concerned about. This is good news. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Quick Weight Loss


This beverage may look partial to a gender. Some people would prefer to be more physical about weight loss.

They would prefer going to bicycling or jogging. These are not bad ideas, but the food is something that cannot be ignored for daily growth.


Over 7 men who regularly bicycle were accessed and over 15% of them were making a lot of progress. Their weight loss journey was properly augmented with green tea.


The rates of heart diseases are on the increase. It is comforting to know that green tea helps reduce this risk by at least 40%.

It also prevents colon cancer among the many other genres.


This is because green tea possesses an antioxidant called catechins. It slows down the growth of cancerous cells. Let’s say it suppresses it to the barest minimum.

Fill your system with at least 3 cups of your choice green tea and increase your fat burning effect. It works better that way.


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3. Cayenne Pepper

It’s time to put something hot and spicy in your mouth. Yes, cayenne pepper is a great natural food that cuts weight.


Research has shown that people who used cayenne capsules for weight loss reaped great benefits.

It’s interesting to note that, most of these people were not used to spicy food.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


Ingesting capsaicin, a thermogenic compound found in pepper speeds up metabolism. It is belly fat burning food.

The juicy part of it all, it cuts back on your food intake and allows you fuller calories for fuller meals. This is because it is a natural appetite suppressant.


However, it is not advisable to eat so much pepper in one sitting. It has its downsides. It may leave you with a stomach ache and nauseous feeling.


The capsaicin compound possessed by cayenne peppers reduces the risk of the stomach ulcer. It inadvertently increases your digestive health.

Making it a spicy fat burning food.



4. Sweet Potatoes

Ever heard of the ‘slow carb’ tale? This is when you take in a carbohydrate-soaked diet but somehow manage to digest it slowly.

This act of slow digestion keeps you feeling satisfied and energized at the same time. And makes it a great food for weight loss.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


Sweet potatoes possess a rarely high amount of dietary fiber and reasonable low-calorie content.

Alongside the high-water content, it all works to put a check on your midriff shape.

Note that fiber is bulky and would take up a lot of space in your tummy. You keep feeling full for a long time and barely never overeating.

Also, you do not constantly eat on impulse because your meal was satisfactory enough. You are very guaranteed that your calorie is on a low level.


This belly fat burning food contains 100 calories per serving as opposed to its “sister”; white potatoes which house about 400-500 calories in just one serving.

The pieces of the weight journey puzzle are falling into place finally.

With a little creativity on your part, you do not have to stick to boring food diet recipes.


Tip: For breakfast, turn mashed sweet potatoes into formidable pancakes.


5. Oatmeal

A whole meal of oats has many wonders of reduced calories and increased metabolic rate.

If you are going to pull off that perfect waistline, your most appropriate slimming weapon is none other than this.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


Recently, the University of Maryland Medical Centre gave more credibility to the claim that oatmeal is great food for weight loss.


It places oats as a healthy component of a weight-loss diet. The magic in this is to create ways to serve whole grain oats.

It can also go as a healthy snack instead of indulging in unnecessary muffins, pies, and pizza.

Also, if you are not a breakfast person, it will help you develop a good breakfast habit. As when water is added, oatmeal could be a very voluminous meal.

You have to be extra careful about your toppings.


You very well know that you cannot go for the sugary toppings.

Add foods like berries, cherries or apples. Maybe some protein powder and some low-fat milk.

Oats contain about 3 grams of fat per serving.

This should be easy to burn off. This sort of fat is even monounsaturated and primarily polyunsaturated. These types of fats are very good for your heart.


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6. Berries

If you enjoy smoothies, then this is your perfect food for weight loss. Berries are an amazing fat burning food.

Also, very appealing slimming food in different colors always does looks magical.

Either raspberries or blueberries, they are loaded with ample dosage of polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants help you to deal with lose fat.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


With a reasonable serving of some berries, you ingest a soluble fiber that promotes a feeling of satiety.

This fiber is called pectin. It lowers cholesterol and promotes your resistance to insulin.

Would you believe that you can have fun and lose some fat too?

Berries are basically sweet and always acceptable. To top it all, a cup serving has 84 calories.

Imagine all that awesome healthy goodness as a snack.


7. Coffee

Coffee, right?! Though, this is not exactly a food to eat to lose weight.

It is, however, a good one to drink. Coffee is already ingested almost religiously by many cultures.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


Most working-class adults use coffee to ‘wake up’.

Well, categorically, it’s no longer just waking up ritual. It’s a beverage which increases metabolism and therefore a fat burning food.

It mobilizes the fats which are found in your fat tissues. In a weird way, it runs them out of your body. Plus, it’s great for your heart.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s been argued that the above cannot be food for weight loss for numerous reasons.

The most obvious of all is because it provides a remedy for several health issues.

Even down to acne and blemishes. But in its defense, its plurality of purpose makes it one of the best belly fat burning foods available.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


It possesses high acetic acid content which can increase fat –burn by over 30% with immediate effect.

It lowers your blood sugar levels and decreases insulin levels.

Apple cider vinegar also really reduces fat storage. It does this by increasing the expression of genes that reduce belly fat storage.

Also, it is capable of cutting down on some fat chocked up in the liver.


For a start,

  • You shouldn’t ingest more than 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Always make sure you dilute this quantity in a glass of distilled water.
  • Please do not take this dosage at once.

Spread over your healthy meal times. You will immediately begin to feel the change. Very soon, those crop tops can be duly optimized with a new figure!


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9. Vegetables

Few people and even fewer children are fans of vegetable.

But they as a vital part of their diets and are great food for weight loss.

It promises very low calorie-intake and a large supply of fiber amongst other things.


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



We have vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli, chili pepper, pumpkin, and carrots.

There is also asparagus and beans to round up a list of some sort.

The key is to be creative with these vegetables. Invent salads and throw in some nuts or berries. Keep it spicy above all so you enjoy the ride.


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10. Oily Fish

Amongst all other foods for weight loss, we have oily fish.

Another name for this could be ‘fatty fish’ doesn’t sound like an awesome name for a belly fat burning food.

Fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines amongst others fall into the category.

Contrary to the name they cause fat cells to melt away.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



In fact, NHS solidly encourages the ingestion of fish a minimum of two times in one week. Eat fish in style whenever you get the chance


11. Grape Fruit

Here is a bowl of grapefruit and there goes your salad. Each grapefruit has its own fat burning ability.

You can lose a full waistline with continuous ingestion. It contains a lot of photochemical.

These are bioactive compounds that stimulate adiponectin production. It’s a hormone responsible for the breakdown of body fat.

It works side by side with brown –fat cells. These accelerate the fat-burning process while keeping a check on your appetite.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



Make it a habit to pop grapefruits into your shakes and salads.


12. Lean Meat

The first important thing to note is that lean meat is protein.

Therefore, it is muscle building and fat burning automatically.

You need a large amount of protein too. It’s not just a carbohydrate affair.

That’s where you need to cut down the calories.

The most important benefit is satiety.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



Do you remember how you felt after that giant McDonald?

Guilty and hungry soon after.

Lean meat affects the hormones which cause you hunger.

It burns a lot of calories in the process of digestion, carbohydrate, and fats against each other.

Lean meat also contains at least 8 grams of total fat, some saturated fat and minute milligrams of cholesterol.

This is all in a single portion of about a 3-ounce portion. It provides reduced calories for the same amount of protein in fatty meat!

So, the next time you would like to order on a date, go for it. It gives off a conservative and health-minded personality.



13. Peanut Butter

Who loves peanut butter spread?! A lot of people do. This makes this a great option for your diet. It is great food for weight loss.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


Apart from being one of the foods for weight loss, it is extremely rich in protein.

The reason why people think it goes against everything weight-loss is the calories.

Ingesting almost 200 calories does sound like foods to eat to lose weight.


The amazing thing is research has shown that peanut butter helps to shed weight.  That’s why whenever you eat a peanut snack, you feel satiated.


However, using peanut butter is a bit tricky. You can’t use too much spread on your bread.

It is a better food burning food when added to a calorie-reduced meal.


14. Fat-Free Yogurt


15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home



Yogurts are one interesting food for weight loss option.

People are more inclined to take to yogurt than drinking some slimy smoothie concoction.

A couple of obese adults were put to a test. They all had to consume at least 2 servings of yogurt for a period of 1 month.

About 19% had lost 55% of body fat already!

This unlikely miracle happens a lot in the stomach region. It has increased levels of dietary calcium. This also can facilitate weight loss.

So, you have your breakfast and snack meal plan lined out. Have some yogurt on the go.



15. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you got it right; chocolate is great natural food for weight loss. It seems unbelievable to accept.

Hershey’s sugar-free dark chocolates are a perfect example.



15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home


‘Dark’ chocolate is graced with so many nutrients. It’s no small wonder why girls with broken hearts often bounce back better and sexier. Lol

This sort of chocolate alongside burning your fat cells contains several antioxidants. Antioxidants improve general wellbeing.

They also reasonably lower the rate of heart diseases.

Your appetite becomes controlled and your blood sugar stabilizes.

With dark chocolate, you can confidently work in that store and get those jeans!


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15 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods for Fast Weight Loss at Home




In the journey of looking good and feeling healthy, a lot must happen. It all takes your determination and commitment.

The above belly fat burning foods can be easily incorporated into your diet quickly. Become intentional about eating smart and happy.

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