How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise-Try these 10 Workouts at Home

Exercise, as you know, is an essential part of wellbeing. But when you on a journey to lose weight fast with exercise, it is a different ball game.

If you happen to be interested in this journey to lose weight fast with exercise, I have taken out time to provide the best exercises you will need to achieve this.


However, I will be real on this, trying to lose weight fast with exercise is somewhat a myth if the other ingredients that are required to lose weight fast and easy aren’t added.


The essence of exercises to lose weight is to burn calories.

Imagine burning 200 Calories in a morning workout session. Then adding 500 Calories during the day. That is quite ineffective was to lose weight fast with exercise, right?


How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise-Try these 10 Workouts at Home



Here is the trick, to lose weight fast with exercise, you will not just have to exercise to burn calories, you will have to go on a somewhat calorie deficit plan.

And a calorie deficit plan has more to do with the consumption of calories.

So, to lose weight fast with exercises, you are will need to check up on your choices of food, your stress level, and your commitment level.

Now that the other ingredients needed to lose weight fast with exercises have been established, let’s deal with the effective workouts for weight loss.

Most of these are easy exercises to lose weight, and they can be done at home.

I made sure that the ones that are broad in scope are narrowed with quick instructions.

If you are set to go on the journey to lose weight fast with exercises, do try these exercises.


How to Lose weight Fast with Exercise- Try these 10 Workouts





The Jumping rope is something you probably did when you were a kid, or you only see kids do. But it is rather an effective workout for weight loss

Jumping rope surprisingly burns fatter than running when subjected to the same amount of time, with less stress on the joints.

So instead of running, you could just get out a portable, cheap rope, and roll away those unwanted calories.

It is worthy of note that jumping of rope as a means to lose weight fast for exercise is different from doing it for sports.

So, you don’t necessarily have to do the different styles that are done in sports.

To be on the safe side, here is a quick routine I recommend; Start slowly, a three-minute light skip should be able to do that.

Then take a rest, do 50 traditional jumps.

Then take a rest again, if you are not worked up by this time, then you can do another traditional jump, but with the rope going at a quicker pace.

You don’t have a count, just do it till you feel your heart rate racing.

Take cautions when jumping a rope, make sure you have your sneakers on.






The most popular way to lose weight fast with exercises happens to be jogging, or sometimes running.

It is easy and all you need are sneakers and joggers, let’s not forget time.

You can basically do this easy exercise to lose weight right at home – using a treadmill – or outdoors.

Most people will prefer outdoors because there is the added satisfaction of sightseeing and relaxation.

If you really want to lose weight fast with exercise, then you have to combine these two exercises.

You start with jugging to warm up, then you dash into running.

Finding an inclined elevation like a hill to sprint on is one way this works.

Most people in jugging or running make the mistake of crossing their arms over their bodies this, in fact, reduces the effectiveness of the exercise to lose weight fast.

When jogging or running, make sure you keep your hands open with your arms held at a right angle, at the elbow joint.

Don’t forget to swing your hands forward to be leveled with your face, then all the way back, your palm directly up the back-pocket region.





Trust me, a plan to lose weight fast with exercise, without kettlebell swings being in your routine is not complete.

The kettlebell swing is an exercise that trains the lower body, with the same effects similar to broad jumping.

The kettlebell has a handle that offsets the center of gravity of the ball of which it is attached to.

Making your muscles work more than normal, and increasing the strength and endurance of your cardiovascular.

There are various types of kettle swings exercises that are effective workouts to lose weight fast.

But to make it an easy exercise, you can do the basic kettlebell swing.

This involves swinging the kettlebell all the way down, with your hands in between your legs.






Lunges have different variations, but to lose weight fast with exercise, the plain jane forward lunge is an effective lunge exercise.

Forward lunge works the major muscles all at once, enhancing maximum burning of calorie and fats.

Since this exercise is not that common, I will give a simple description of how it should be done. Most people confuse lunges for yoga, but it is not.

  • To do a forward lunge, stand stall with your feet wide apart.
  • You can hold weight on your hands or simply hold your hips firmly.
  • After which you will take a step forward with your right leg.
  • Then lower your upper body till it forms a right angle with your right leg.
  • Pause, and then return your left leg to the starting position.
  • Repeat by changing positions, then repeat ten times.


5.  YOGA



The traditional purpose of yoga is not actually to lose weight fast and easy.

However, it is a great way to lose weight fast with exercise.

Added to the fact that yoga burns calories are that it increases flexibility and strength.

In order to start a journey to lose weight fast with exercise, you will need to be flexible, with the right strength.

You don’t want to sprain a muscle as a result of not being flexible.  So, yoga gives you an added advantage.

There are lots of yoga exercises that are easy exercises to lose weight, mostly for beginners.

And apart from the beginner poses, there are intermediate and professional yoga poses.

But my best bet is that you wouldn’t be needing the complex poses, so go for the beginner poses.





Yeah! How about an exercise that helps you lose weight fast and easy, making you feel like a badass?

To lose weight fast with exercise, adding boxing to the routine is a phase you just have to look forward to – or maybe it is just me.

However, to get the best out of this exercise, you will have to be trained on the basics of boxing.

So, you will need an instructor, or as I do, I watch videos online.

One common error that beginners make is throwing punches with the strength in their arms only.

Throwing a punch requires every fiber of your body – mostly the upper body.

So, to get all the muscles involved in boxing to work, in order to burn calories, you will have to learn how to.

Also, this exercise requires boxing gloves and other boxing training kits.


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How to Lose weight Fast with Exercise- Try these 10 Workouts



Swimming is a great way to lose weight fast with exercise.

If you happen to be tired of the fatigue on your joints whenever you run, jog, squat or even jump, then you probably should try a number of laps in the swimming pool.

Swimming is an exercise with low impact, able to work all the major muscles of your body.

If you are not much of a swimmer, you can swim simply by treading water as long as you can.

  • Standing upright, and using your limbs to stay afloat.
  • After you have done this, you can take a rest for two or three minutes,
  • Then you can go back and forth lap swimming style.
  • Do make sure you do this in a standard pool, with safety measures in place.





The goblet squats are done by holding either a kettlebell, dumbbell, or medicine ball at chest level while squatting.

In doing goblet squats, every part of your body is set to work, thus churning out calories and fats.

It also increases the metabolism of the body, even after you must have finished doing the squats.

Doing goblet squats is easy, you can choose to do it either at home or in the gym.

All you have to do is get any of the ‘balls’, hold it at chest level, brace yourself, then drop down in a squat position.





Weight training is considered the most effective workout for weight routine.

But as established earlier, our main focus is on how to lose weight fast with exercises that you can do mostly at home.

Weight training is sometimes known as resistance training, it is packed with benefits.

You get to lose weight and at the same time build your muscles incredibly.

In weight training, your body practically burns fats even when you are done with the workout session.

Most people categorize weight training as workouts for muscle building only.

Luckily, building muscle gets the body metabolism reaction up, which in turn burns fats.

However, since weight loss is the main goal of this routine, weight training does not have to be frequent on the routine.

You don’t have to lift weight every morning. Recommended at least twice a week.





Burpees is a three in one way to lose weight fast with exercises.

It is a combination of push-ups, squats, and jumps. It will probably not be your favorite exercise, hell it is not mine too.

But really, it is an effective workout to lose weight. Apart from the work, it does on your muscles, it helps your cardiovascular muscles.

You can hardly do this without pausing to take a breath, which is why I am putting it in here as the last exercise to lose weight fast and easy.

So, to make things easy and safe for you, I will give you effective steps you need to take to make this exercise less stressful.



  • Start by standing with the feet at shoulder-width apart. Your arms should also be at your sides.
  • Lower into a squat by pushing your hips back and bending the knees.
  • Put your hands on the floor, just in front of you and shift your whole-body weight to them.
  • Softly jump back and land on your feet assuming a plank position.
  • Now jump the feet to the front and make sure they land just outside of the hands.
  • Then raise your hands up and explosively jump into the air.
  • Lower back immediately and assume the squat position.
  • Repeat movement for about 8-10 times and perform 3 sets.


How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise-Try these 10 Workouts at Home




To conclude, I will point out that trying to lose weight fast with exercises is not for everyone.

Some people can lose a considerate large amount of calories just by going on dietary plans.

For others, it is practically healthier never to think of weight loss, especially those with a health history that weight loss plans can complicate.

However, if you are eventually fit for these exercises, trying to lose weight fast with exercises requires determination, and commitment.

You may not see the results you desire on time. But each time you do these exercises, I bet you can tell that your body is changing.

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