How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips

Are you looking for the secret to slim, tone thighs and legs? Are you tired of doing the wrong kind of exercise without no result to show for it?

Then, we have the solution for you. These thigh and legs exercises are just what you need to look fit and healthy. The amazing part is that you can tone thighs in 2 weeks using these workout routines and healthy diet tips.

Here are the exercises you should follow on how to tone thighs and Legs in 2 weeks.


How to Tone Thighs Fast in 2 Weeks - Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips



How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


1. Seated Leg Raise

If you need to get perfect legs in just 2 weeks, this is just the perfect exercise for you.

This exercise requires no equipment to perform it. It is a low impact exercise that requires no experience to perform this exercise.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


This exercise gives your hips, abs, thighs that well-defined tone and shape.

It is an exercise you should include in your workout routine if you are to tone your thighs and legs in 2 weeks.


The benefits of this exercise are:
  • It strengthens your back

Seated leg raise helps to strengthen your back muscles and this helps to reduce the risk of back pain.

  • Balance and stability

Leg raise provides support to your upper body and therefore you are less likely to stumble while you perform this exercise.

Body balance is needed to prevent during exercise. Also, as one gets older, body balance becomes more important.

  • It burns calories

With seated leg raise and other work out, you can burn more calories. Also, when you get rid of junk foods, you are more likely to burn calories.


Here is how to do a seated leg raise.

  • Sit on the floor to get started.
  • Bend your knees, fingertips on the floor just outside your knees.
  • Suck in your abs, lift your two legs slowly.
  • Stay in that position for two seconds and place it down.
  • Do 20 reps.



2. Squats

Squats is one of the easiest types of exercise you should include to your thigh workouts.

They are great for burning fat because they include all your lower body muscles and core muscles.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


Squats perform a whole lot of benefits to the body and they are:

  • It improves your flexibility

As one gets older, flexibility becomes harder and quite difficult. This is why there is a need to include squat to your work out routines.

  • It helps build muscle

They work on different muscles of the body and this promotes weight loss. This is one advantage that squats has over the other types of exercise.

  • It helps to strengthen your lungs and heart

A squat is one of those exercises that tone inner thighs which give strength to your lungs and heart.

  • It helps with balance and mobility

This exercise also helps you develop strength and balance.

This helps to reduce or prevent injury or fall by improving the communication between your brain and your muscle groups.


Here is how to do a squat to tone thighs in 2 weeks and get perfect legs in 2 weeks

  • Let your hands be at the back of your head.
  • Set your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Ensure your toes are slightly turned out.
  • Gradually go downward and make sure your thighs are equivalent to the floor.
  • Stay in that position for a few seconds.
  • Now return to your initial position.
  • Repeat this for as long you can.


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3. Step-Ups

Step-ups are often overlooked but it is a good exercise that helps to get rid of fat in your inner thigh circles.

This work out targets your targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


The benefits of step ups are.

  • It improves your leg strength

This improves your general leg strength which improves your general health.

  • It gives you balance

It gives your body the needed balance during and even after the work exercise. This balance improves your body posture which is great for your health.

  • It saves your back from pain

Unlike other exercises that involve your lower back, step up protects your lower back. This prevents it from injury or pain.


Here is how to do a step up the exercise

  • Stand upright and place your hands on your sides.
  • Place your left foot on a bench.   
  • Put your shoulders backward and keep your chest up
  • Place your body up with your left leg until they are straight.
  • Stay in that position for some seconds and return back to the initial position
  • Do this 20 times.


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4. Lunges

This is an extremely effective exercise you can utilize to get toned legs.

It is perfect for those who want to get perfect legs in 2 weeks.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


One of the benefits of performing this exercise is that it gives you balance and coordination which is good for your fitness journey.

Lunges also help to target multiple muscles. This leg workout does not only target your leg fat.

It also targets other areas of your body such as the abdominal and lower fat muscles.

Lunges also help with muscular imbalances.

This means it strengthens the weak side of your body which results in balancing the muscles that need to be strengthened.

Another benefit of this exercise is that it is less expensive which saves you money. This is because you can always do this exercise from the comfort of your home.

Basically, the major thing you need for this exercise is your body weight and determination.


Here is how to perform this exercise

  • Stand straight.
  • Keep your feet apart.
  • Keep your body weight to one leg and push your hips backward.
  • Now go down as low as you can.
  • While you lower your body, ensure, your legs are straightened.
  • Now, keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Do this 20 times to get tone thighs in 2 weeks.


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5.The Frog Bend

This is one of the best exercises to tone inner thighs. The best part of this workout is that you don’t need any kind of equipment for this exercise.

All you need is your body weight and determination. This makes the exercise less expensive to perform.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


Another advantage of this exercise is that it is very easy to perform. In addition, it is very effective which means you can get a toned thigh in 2 weeks

This workout is also perfect if you have little time for a workout. Frog bend is a time saver because it can be done within a short period of time.

It also reduces stiffness and leg pain.

It boosts your cognitive memory which helps you to remember things over a longer period of time.


Below are steps on how to perform a frog bend

  • Lay down, place your face upward.
  • Extend your legs straight over your hips.
  • Place your heels together and bring out your toes.
  • Bend your knees gradually to your side.
  • Straighten them out with the help of your inner muscle and control the movement.
  • Do this 10 times.


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6. Get Moving During the Day

It is not enough to watch your diet and exercise during the early hours of the day. Sometimes, you have to put in the extra efforts to get a result.

Putting in the extra efforts like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator will help.

Also, in between the everyday work, you can just stand up and walk around, it will add up to your efforts to get toned legs and reduce thighs fat.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


Therefore, aim to stand up and take a walk for at least 15 minutes out of every hour to get a toned thigh in 2 weeks.



7. Watch your Salt Intake

In as much salt is good for the body, it is also good you take it in moderation. Excess intake of salt can make your body take in excess water.

This can lead to bloating and this can affect your whole body, thighs, and hips.


How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


Cutting down your salt intake can tone your thighs in 2 weeks.


Side Effects of Too Much Salt Intake

The side effects of too much salt intake are:

  • It can lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • It can affect the cognitive function in older people.
  • Excess salt can also lead to oedema. This is the swelling of the knees or feet and even your hands.
  • It can reduce the ability of the kidney to perform its function.
  • Consuming too much salt can lead to stomach ulcers.
  • It can lead to high blood pressure. This is because the extra sodium can increase blood pressure by absorbing more fluid in the body. This makes your heart pump harder.


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8. Eat more Fiber and Protein

Including fiber and protein in your diet can help you lose weight in different areas of your body easily.

A diet which is high in fiber and protein can help you get perfect legs in 2 weeks.

This is because protein and fiber make you fuller with just fewer calories.

With this, you don’t have to starve yourself or go into a diet to reduce thighs fat and get skinny calves.



How to Tone Thighs in 2 Weeks: Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips


In addition, this combination works perfectly because protein increases thermogenesis which is the production of heat by the body.

Due to this, protein increase the metabolism level in the body.

Adding protein to your weight loss diet ensures that the weight you get rid of is not muscle but fat. This is because protein helps you to maintain your muscle mass.

While including fiber into your diet will not only provide more nutrients but also help you reduce your thighs fat.

This is because fiber plays a big role in promoting bowel movement.

Also, fiber takes a large space in the stomach with little or fewer calories. This can get you fuller with less food.

To ensure you add food like oatmeal, beans, whole grain bread, sweet potato, lean chicken



9. Portion Control

Portion control is an effective way to tone thighs in 2 weeks.

It is needed because most people eat more calories than they actually need.


Portion Control Tips

Here are the tips to ensure portion control:

  • Drink two cups of water before eating. This will reduce your food appetite and you are less likely to overeat.

Also, when you are dehydrated, you are likely to overeat.

  • Fill your plate with plenty of veggies. If you tend to overeat, you should fill up your plate with vegetables. This is because vegetables are really low in calories.

So, take vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cucumber, greens etc

  • Eat slowly. Take enough time to enjoy every bite and enjoy the meal. This means you don’t stand to eat. It means you have to sit and enjoy the meal.
  • Avoid eating from takeaway pack or plastic. Those plastic plates can be tempting and as such, you serve more portion than you actually need.

Instead of using a container, you should use a small plate and ensure you use the plate all the time to get your desired result.


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How to Tone Thighs Fast in 2 Weeks - Perfect Leg Workouts and Diet Tips




On a final note, stay consistent and you would be amazed how toned your thighs will be in 2 weeks.

All the best!

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