Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks

Guys let’s burn that stubborn belly fat fast and lose 10 pounds or more if few days. Yes, we can! You can achieve that dream body shape by following these effective weight loss tips for men discussed below. But before we dive in,  I have a question for you. Here it is…

Do you really love your body? If yes, you need to burn that fat. They don’t just appear of overnight. It is because we men tend to get carried away by our daily busy schedule.


We work so hard that we barely take notice of the major changes going on through their body(1).

In the middle of all these hard work and busy life, we consume lots of food, including those that are unhealthy.



Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks

In fact, sometimes our busy schedule does not afford us the opportunity to keep track of their food intake.

We barely even know those foods that are healthy and those that aren’t.


Well, the good news is that this article on weight loss tips for men will help you distinguish the healthy foods from those that aren’t.

Then one day while preparing to go out, we take a look at the mirror and notice how their body has changed.


 Bang! For the first time, it dawns on you that you have started having “pot belly”


We’ve managed to pack on a significant amount of fat into that body. Now they see a fat guy staring back at the mirror.

It is at this point that most men begin to worry and search the web looking for weight loss tips for men.


Well, like always, I’ve got you. I have been there before. I have taken time out to bring you 15 best weight loss tips for men.

These tips are suitable for men of all ages but most importantly, they are weight loss tips for men over 40.


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Weight loss can be a difficult challenge but does not mean it should be a complicated one.

Most articles you see on the web promise to help you lose weight in a short time. Though it is possible, at what cost?


Most weight loss plans that help you reduce weight in a short period of time are unhealthy.

In fact, these losses in weight tend to be short term. In the long run, your body will gain the weight you once shed.

However, there are weight loss tips for men that you should not overlook and this article is one of them.


And you know what?

Losing weight is no magic. It may take time, but with your resolve and dedication, it can be done.

You would agree with me that when it comes to the issue of losing weight, two important tips are always given – healthy diet and regular exercises. These two variables are extremely important.


However, there are other weight loss tips for men that may seem so basic, but trust us, they are as important as the above two previously talked about.

These other tips also have a major impact on how you lose weight and the number of pounds lost.

This article on 15 weight loss tips for men will discuss the important tips that will help in contributing to your weight loss goal.

Continue reading to discover these tips.

1. Do Not Skip Meals

You might be thinking that in order to lose weight you should avoid eating.


Do not try this.

Skipping meals will not help you achieve your weight loss goal. Instead, it may have a negative effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re a man that is mostly busy with work, this is an extremely bad idea. The feeling of being hungry will not make you concentrate on your work.


Additionally, there is the possibility that skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner will only make you eat even more than you’re supposed to.

That feeling of hunger will not give you the luxury of time to make food choices that are healthy.

Cases of frequent snacking may occur which will then increase your body’s calorie intake. You can see you’ve done even more harm to your body.


It is also important to mention that your body requires a certain amount of daily calorie intake in order to aid the proper functioning of the body system.

The average man needs about 2500 calories to maintain the proper functioning of the body, according to the research 


2. Have a Weight Loss Goal


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


This tip is as important as your diet or exercise plan itself.

Before embarking on any weight loss plan, it is important to always have a clear goal.


Ask yourself a series of questions concerning your weight loss program. How many pounds do you want to lose monthly?

Whatever goal you decide on must be one that can be measured(2). It must also be understandable to not just you, but anyone anywhere.


3. Do Not Expect Rapid Results

Like we mentioned earlier, losing weight is not a day’s job.

You need commitment and dedication to get the job done.

Do not expect that once you begin your weight loss programme, magically you begin to lose weight.


The process of burning fat takes time and it happens with no magic. This why some people are fond of the saying “gaining weight is actually easier than losing weight.”


It is also important to mention that the fact that you’ve gotten to the peak of a weight loss plan does not mean you should relent.

Most people tend to return to their old lifestyle once they achieve their goal. Instead, this is where you should work even harder.

You’ve already lost the weight; why not work even harder to maintain your new body.


4. Breakfast is Extremely Important


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


We understand that you have a busy schedule but do you know how extremely important breakfast is.


My point is that:

If you are seriously considering making use of this weight loss tips for men, then you should always eat breakfast.

Not just any food, but one that is rich in protein.


This is because a breakfast that is rich in protein will satisfy and make you full for a longer period.


This will eliminate the occurrence of your snacking habits, thereby reducing your daily calorie intake.


Also, for those that have embraced the habit of early morning exercises, your breakfast is even more important in order to replenish your body’s energy level.

The breakfast will supply your body with a fresh dose of energy, even greater than the one you’ve already used up during your workout.


Learn to always take time to treat yourself to a healthy breakfast that is rich in protein.

This is one important tip in weight loss tips for men. Your body will always be grateful for this.


5. Do not Rush Your Food

Food is a very important aspect when it comes to weight loss tips for men.

Most of us tend to rush our food especially when we’re heading out in the morning because of our busy schedule.

Even though your breakfast is extremely important, you must let go of that habit of fast eating.


Take your time, slowly consume that food and enjoy it.

It is important you embrace the healthy habit of eating slowly.

This will help your body to properly digest the food. Also when you eat slowly, you reduce the risk of your overeating.


7. Protein is King



Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


By now, you should know that not all foods are created equally.

When it comes to foods to eat for weight loss, protein outranks others.


The reason for this is not farfetched – protein will help satiate you, making you full for a longer period.

As stated earlier, this will reduce the occurrence of your snacking habits.


The benefit of protein is not only limited to its ability to satiate you. Protein is also known to help boost the rate of your metabolism.

This process is known as the thermic effect of food.


Therefore, you should really consider replacing those refined carbs in your meals with more lean proteins.

Make sure every meal and snack you take includes some sort of protein.

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7. Drink Lots of Water Daily


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


This is one of the weight loss tips for men that cannot be overemphasized enough.


Some say “water is life” and sincerely, there is no argument about that.

Water has so many benefits and one of them is its ability to contribute to your body’s weight loss.

The reason is simple – water helps to fill you up. Drinking water will make you feel full and reduce snacking.


Also, water helps to flush all those toxins that can contribute to weight gain from your body.

You should drink nothing less than 8 cups of water daily.


Always make your body stay hydrated. According to a recent study, increase in water intake contributes to  healthy weight loss(3)


This is one weight loss tips for men that you should really embrace.


8. Get Enough Sleep


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Here is another weight loss tip for men that is extremely important. Gone are the days when it was thought that sleep contributes to weight gain.

Your body needs proper sleep and it is important that you never deprive it of that if you really want to lose weight.

In spite of your busy schedule, you must find time to give yourself a sound sleep.


Avoid any distraction that can interrupt your sleep at night.

Distractions that can interrupt your sleep will only make you feel lethargic, cranky and distracted at work the following day.

A sound sleep will also keep you fit and healthy the next day.


However, you should be careful as no one is saying you should sleep throughout the day.

Always get up in the morning and put your body to work. This is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight.


9. Use Your Legs More Often


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Some people usually find it hard to make time for the gym.

Well, no problem as you can always use your legs to burn off those excess fats in your body.

This might seem basic, but is one of the best weight loss tips for men.


You get to your workplace and you see elevators and escalators; why not use the stairs instead.

Opt for the stairs and make this a daily habit. It is a very effective method for burning excess fat from your body.

If you’re unable to do this, you can always stand up every 2 hours from your desk and take a walk for about 5-10 minutes.

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10. Avoid Fried Foods


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Some of us are actually guilty of this. We love eating fried foods and it seems we might not be able to do without them.


But you should know that fried foods are the number one causes of obesity and other weight problems today.

These foods actually do your body no good.

You will see the changes your body will go through once you try to eliminate these foods from your diet.


11. Always Keep a Food Journal



Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


This might seem like a minor detail but believe us, it is an important weight loss tips for men.


If you are really serious about losing weight, then you should be conscious of what goes into your mouth.

Every bite, lick or drink matters.


There is no better way to track this than by keeping a food journal.

Find out the calorie count of every food and drink you take and write them down. It is only when you track what goes into your body that you’ll be able to see how much calories you need to cut down on.


12. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If you still claim because of your busy schedule you have no time to workout, then we’re sorry but you’re not ready to let go of that body fat.

Exercises are as important as healthy diets in any weight loss plan.


In fact, it helps to accelerate the rate of fat burn all over your body. You should do some full body exercise like push-ups, squats, chin-ups, and deadlifts.


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Also, you can decide to hit the gym in the morning and lift some weights. These will help to accelerate your weight loss.


13. Eat Foods with Fiber


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


You should also add foods that are rich in fiber to your daily diet. Fiber is highly beneficial to your body.

It is known to absorb water and give you that feeling of fullness for a longer period.


14. Avoid the Alcohol


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


We understand the influence alcohol already has on you but if you’re really serious about the weight loss tips for men, then abstaining from alcohol is one of the tips you should follow.

They have no positive effect on your body. Instead, all they do is supply the body with empty calories.


Empty calories are those calories that do not have any nutritional value.

Also, alcohol hinders the fat-burning process of your body.

It is recommended you abstain from alcohol.


15. More Vegetables and Less Processed Carbs


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Our last advice on the weight loss tips for men is to eliminate processed carbs from their diet.

The only thing they contribute to your body is calories and establishing a favorable environment to gain fat.


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Also, you should embrace vegetables. Vegetables fill you up without adding many calories to your body.

Make sure you avoid veggies with high-calorie dressings.


Weight Loss Tips for Men-15 Fast Weight Loss Tricks


Finally, there you have them; 15 weight loss tips for men that you should follow. If you are really considering losing weight, these are the tips you should follow.

Remember, weight loss does not happen overnight. It takes dedication and also patience. Now make it happen, I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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