10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly

There are different types of good cardio workout routine to do depending on the results you want. For instance, the cardio exercise for fat loss will be different from that of someone who wants to keep their muscles and stay fit.

What we have for you today are cardio workouts to burn fat that you can do at home.

We understand that not everyone will have the time to hit the gym as often as you should.

Summer is upon us and it is understandable that everyone wants to look their naked best.


Going to the beach has become a competition of ‘hot bods’. The last thing you want is to wear a t-shirt to hide your tummy.

That’s such a drag!

We don’t want that for you, hence, these cardio workouts to burn fat.

Before we go into the cardio workouts for weight loss, let’s do a little introduction to what cardiovascular exercise is.



Best Cardio HIIT Workouts to Lose Weight and Belly Fat. This fat burning workouts are perfect to workout at home for beginners. #cardioworkout



What are the Cardio Exercises?

Cardio exercises also called aerobic exercises are high-intensity routines that require oxygen to meet the energy needs of the body.

Easy cardio workouts aerobically convert carbohydrates into energy during the routine.

This is why our list of cardio exercises will do what they should burn fat.

Health Benefits of Cardio Exercises

If it helps to burn fat, then it comes with health benefits.

Some of the good cardio will do for your health are as follows:

  • Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems that could be fatal.
  • Increases the count of red blood cells which promotes the transportation of oxygen.
  • Improves mental health and lowers the chance of depression
  • Strengthens the muscles used for respiration and facilitates airflow in and out.

Health Benefits of Cardio on the Body

  • It improves the ability of muscles to burn fat during exercise.
  • It increases the speed of aerobic metabolism within the muscles.
  • Increases the storage of energy molecules which improves endurance.


Now you know what cardio exercises are and what they can do for your health and body.

Would they motivate you to commit to the workouts?

If so, let’s dive straight into them.




Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat at Home

1. Intermittent Sprints on Treadmill

This workout is fairly straightforward.

Preferably, you should do it on a treadmill for maximum benefit.


cardio workouts to burn fat


This workout will last for about 30 minutes and will burn up to 1000 calories (not definite though).


  • Set the treadmill at 3 degrees incline and 6 mph.
  • Keep going for 1 minute, afterward raise the speed to 9 mph.
  • Run for 3 minutes and raise it to 14 mph.
  • Continue at this speed for 30 seconds and lower it to 10 mph.
  • Keep at a slower pace for 3 minutes.
  • After that, sprint for a final 30 seconds.


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2. Cycling Exercise

This cardio workout to weight and burn belly fat needs no introduction.

You can do this exercise on a stationary bike (preferred) or on the road.


10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly



It uses the same muscle groups as running but has the advantage of lower impact.

This makes it ideal for almost anyone.

Regardless of your cardio goals, cycling on a stationary bike is ideal since you can change its resistance.

Whether you want a low or high-impact workout, you only need to adjust.


You can do this exercise 3 times a week with an intensity in the range of 65 to 85 percent MHR.

Each routine should last up to 45 minutes.


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3. Jumping Rope

This is a great cardio workout to lose weight and belly fat if you do it right.

Since you’re reading this, we will surely steer you in the right direction.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly



Jumping ropes involves strength, skill, and patience.

It is high-impact though but can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour!


Aside from the fat-burning effect, you will get, jumping ropes will increase your metabolism.

And this effect can last as long as more than 24 hours after the exercise.


Now let’s jump:

  • Hold the rope by the handle and flip the string behind you.
  • Begin at a low speed as you jump the rope.
  • When you read a count of 25, speed up and do 50 more.
  • Take a 10-second break.
  • Continue at the same speed and jump 50 more times.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed 10 minutes of jumping at a time to avoid impact injuries.


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4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is a fast-growing cardio workout to lose fat.

As the name implies, it is quite intense than the regular cardio.

The best part yet, it takes lesser time to complete.


10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly


It combines aerobics with the high-intensity component to maximize the burning effect.

You can rest assured you will burn a lot of calories doing this.

  • You can use different exercises such as jumping lunges, jumping squats, burpees, high knees, etc.
  • Do 10 reps of any of these exercises and take 10 seconds break before starting again.
  • Be sure to do it in the correct form and don’t take more than 10 seconds.


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5. Brisk Walking

If you think this cardio workout to burn fat seems easy, wait till you hit the road.

This is different from walking as the name implies, you will be stepping faster.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly


You will start to feel the effect on your calves and thigh muscles.

You should be doing this about 3 times a week. This seemingly easy workout will burn 200 calories each time.


  • Be sure your gear is comfortable over a long period.
  • Begin with a warm-up for 5 minutes.
  • Walk a speed of 5 mph.
  • After a minute, increase to 7 mph.
  • Keep up that speed for the next 5 minutes and slow down to 4 mph.
  • Walk at that pace for 4 minutes and bump your speed back to 7 mph.
  • If you choose to do this on a treadmill, adjust to different inclines so that you will get an intense workout in 30 minutes.

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6. Kettlebells Cardio Workouts

This cardio workout to burn fat is an aerobic and a muscle training exercise because of the weight.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly




The weight of the kettlebell should be one you can easily manage.

This workout will burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minutes run.



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  • Hold the kettlebell in your hands and do plie squats, squats with kettlebell lifts, walking lunges with turn.
  • The weight of the kettlebell will give you the resistance you need.
  • The heavier the weight the higher the calorie burn.
  • However, you should use a weight that suits you so you can maintain good form.



Best Cardio HIIT Workouts to Lose Weight and Belly Fat. This fat burning workouts are perfect to workout at home for beginners. #cardioworkout



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6. Stair Climber Workout

If you’re looking to burn fat in your legs too, this is one cardio workout to burn fat fast.

The main focus in on your legs and all the muscles in them will be put to work.


cardio workouts to burn fat


This workout needs no equipment and will only take 10 minutes to do.

Completing it with good form will help you burn200 calories.


  • Begin by walking up the stairs.
  • Now stride over every other step.
  • Keep going by lunging up the stairs.
  • Switch between lateral lunges and forward lunges.
  • Complete the workout by dashing up and down the stairs once.
  • Rest for 15 seconds and start the set again.


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8. Side Lunge + Jumping Jacks

You wanted cardio, now you have it.

This workout will really pump you and work a lot of muscles in your body and burn the calories in the process.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly


It combines two routines that could pass as aerobics themselves.

This cardio workout to burn fat will keep you fit and make you sweat to release retained water in your body.


  • Start with a side lunge to the right and return to stand tall.
  • Follow it up with 2 reps of jumping jacks.
  • Proceed to a side lunge to the left and return to neutral.
  • Follow up with 2 reps of jumping jacks again.
  • Continue this sequence for 1 minute and take 15 seconds to break.


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9. Hops and Squat

This cardio workout to burn fat is just as it says.

It will help you burn hundreds of calories and tone the muscles of your entire leg.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly



  • You will start with a squat and then hop twice to one side.
  • Squat again at the end of the double hop.
  • Hop back to the starting point and then squat.
  • Repeat this sequence for one minute.
  • Take a 10-second break and repeat the process.



10. Swimming

Swimming is a great total body workout.

You can burn 600 calories in just one hour!

It is also a low impact workout since you will in the water and you have a low risk of getting injured.



10 Best Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly



  • Dress the part. You will be better off wearing swimming goggles.
  • Start doing freestyle strokes for warm-up.
  • Now do 10 laps to get all the muscles in your body engaged.
  • That should leave you panting. Now, that’s your body burning calories!


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Some Quick Guidelines for Cardio Workouts

Start small – If you’re a beginner, you’d need to take things slow.

It is understandable that you want to work hard to get rid of fat.

If you train too hard in the early stages, you will risk injury or burnout.

Hustle within your Target Heart Rate – There is a range of target heart rate you can work with.

You should aim within the upper limit to maximize the benefits. If you aim too low, you might not see the results on time.

Take water Before and Throughout your Training – Cardio workouts to burn fat cause you to lose a lot of body fluid.

If you want to keep going, you will have to restore them.



Best Cardio HIIT Workouts to Lose Weight and Belly Fat. This fat burning workouts are perfect to workout at home for beginners. #cardioworkout


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Final Words

This information is all you need to lose weight.

These cardio workouts to burn fat will only produce results if you put them to work.
Action is what will get you the body type you want.

Good luck with your exercise and make sure you have fun!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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