Neck Pain Exercises: How to Get Rid of Neck Pain at Home

Have you ever had neck pain before?  Oh my! it’s almost unbearable. It’s one situation that can make a grown man cry. This article will show you the various neck pain exercises that will help you get rid of neck pain.

Neck pain renders you almost helpless and very irritable.

You can’t seem to do something as simple or easy as turning your head around or sideways.

Little wonder ‘a pain in the neck’ is often used to describe someone or a situation that’s annoyingly frustrating which you seem unable to know how to cope with.



Neck Pain Exercises - How to Get Rid of Neck Pain at Home



Neck pain varies in intensity, largely dependent on the cause(s).

Sometimes, you could have a sore neck, pain extending from the neck to shoulders and even upper chest region.

Other times you could feel pains in your arms.

Majority of these symptoms that indicate neck pain is treatable once you’re able to ascertain what must have caused the pain.

In order to get rid of neck pain, neck pain exercises, facial exercises, and neck pain treatment are brought to the table.

To further make it easier, I will be talking about how to get rid of neck pain fast at home.


Nobody wants to have neck pain for long especially when the causes and symptoms can be easily noted and solutions gotten.

Like all health conditions, before treatment, the underlying cause or causes and possible symptoms are noted.


This is the best way to proffer the quickest solutions.

In this case, before getting to know how to get rid of neck pain fast at home, we will first look at the causes of neck pain.



Before getting to the causes of neck pain, the structure of the neck is of the essence. The neck structure will first give us an understanding of how the neck is formed and how it functions. That way, the possible causes of neck pain will be better understood and appreciated.

If I were to describe the neck, without any of the ambiguous medical jargon, this will be it; the neck is like a stick that’s crisscrossed by smaller sticks stacked on top of each other.

The main stick is called the spinal column and the smaller sticks stacked on top of each other are called the vertebrae.

The spinal column, provides support for the head and the cord, linking the neck to all the nerves throughout the body. It is through this link that messages and sensations such as pain get to the brain.

These smaller bones are linked by facet joints, which together with the muscles allow the head to be moved around and sideways.

Between the smaller sticks called the vertebrae are the discs.

The discs give the spine flexibility as well as absorbs shock at impact.

When any of the discs shifts from the natural position, the neck will start experiencing discomfort.

With this understanding, let’s now look at the possible causes of neck pain.


Neck pain is of two types: the non-specific neck pain and the specific neck pain.

Non-Specific neck pain is often caused by unknown factors or reasons that are not obvious.

Sometimes, your neck starts feeling stiff other times you experience sore neck for no obvious reasons.

Then the other type of neck pain caused specifically by certain conditions or lifestyles, which if you want to know how to get rid of neck pain fast from home, you need to be aware of.


  • Muscle Strain

The neck is held and kept in an upward position by the muscles of the neck.

A muscle strain occurs when one of the tendons of the neck gets stretched strained too far and a tear occurs.

Music strain is also known as Muscle Pull and varies in intensity. It usually heals in a few days.

Muscle strain causes severe neck pain is usually caused by prolonged wrong sitting positions.

Sitting for hours, hunched over a desktop or mobile device, reading in bed or minor things like gritting your teeth can trigger muscle strain which will, in turn, lead to neck pain.

Also, lifting of heavy objects can cause overexerting the muscles of the neck which will lead to muscle strain.

Holding your phone between the neck and shoulders for an extended period.

Engaging in a new neck exercise regimen can cause muscle strain or pull as the neck muscles are unused to that motion.

Sleeping in an awkward position, having a collision or a fall can lead to muscle stress which invariably causes neck pains.



  • Injury

The neck is very vulnerable, as such, any injury to the neck can lead to severe neck pain.

Accidents, sports injury and activist that causes the neck muscles and tendons to move out of its normal form or position causes neck pain.

Automobile accidents that involve rear-end collisions often result in whiplash.

This is an injury to the neck that’s caused by sudden backward and forward movement of the neck.


  • Worn Joints

As people age, it’s only natural that the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints experience the wear and tear associated with aging.

As the muscles get worn and weakened, this could sometimes lead to pains in some parts of the body the neck inclusive.

The joints aid in the movement of the bones.

So as age sets in, the worn joints, especially who do not engage in exercises that can get rid of neck pain, the muscles and joints become worn causing difficulty to move the neck to the left side or right side.

As old age sets in, osteoarthritis occurs which causes the joints cartilage, that part the joints to get worn

Thereby leaving the joints without much protection. This affects even the neck causing neck pain.


  • Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerve otherwise known as compressed nerve occurs when there’s a herniated disc.

Like I explained initially, the smaller bones in the neck that are stacked on top of each other are called the vertebrae.

They are separated by cushions called the discs.

The discs have soft tissues which can get perforated when the discs move out of their position.

When this move in position occurs, the nerves get pinched or compressed resulting in severe neck pains.


Medical Conditions

Although most times neck pains are caused by the above listed, in some other rare occasions, neck pains can be pointers or indications of other medical conditions like;


  • Tumor
  • Infections
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Meningitis etc.


Neck Pain Symptoms

The most obvious symptom of neck pain is neck pain of course, but there are other symptoms of neck pain which will tell you that you’re experiencing neck pain.

And also help in making the decision of how to get rid of neck pain fast at home.

  • Stiffness of the neck
  • Neck soreness
  • The tightness of the neck muscles
  • Pain or weaken in the arm
  • Headaches that can cause pain to travel from the back of your head to behind the eyes and/or ears. This is otherwise called Tension headache
  • Difficulty moving tour neck from the left to the right or even rotating it.
  • Difficulty lifting tour arms or heavy objects
  • Radiating pain.




Most neck pains are really a pain in the neck.

You may not need to visit the emergency room to treat the neck pain as there are neck pain exercise and remedies that you can use to get rid of Neck pain fast at home.

Due to wrong sitting positions, sitting for long hours at the desk, sleeping in the wrong position, hunching over our desktops and smartphones. These and other unhealthy lifestyle choices can in one or the other cause neck pain.

If you get neck pain a lot, you will need to know how to get neck pain relief fast at home.

To achieve that, use the following ways to learn how to get rid of neck pain fast at home…


  • Do Stiff Neck Exercises

One sure way you can learn how to get rid of neck pain fast at home is to know the different neck pain exercises.


Neck Pain Exercises: How to Get Rid of Neck Pain at Home


The neck stretching exercises can help to expand the elasticity of the affected neck joints as well as preserve the range of motions.

Thereby providing relief for the stiffness causing the neck pain.

Other neck pain exercises that can be used to get rid of neck pain fast at home include:


Side to side neck tilt:

  • You do this, by moving your neck slowly from the right to neck shoulder and back to position and from left to right.
  • Repeat this motion for five minutes.


Neck Tilt:

  • To do this, you sit or stand,
  • Then move your neck up and bring it down with your chin touching the upper part of your chest.
  • Continue with this motion for about five minutes.


Neck Turn:

  • Keeping your eyes straight,
  • Turn your neck slowly without moving your eye position.
  • Repeat this for about five minutes while changing sides.


  • Apply to Heat or Ice to the Painful Area

Use Ice on the affected area for the first 48 hours and then apply moist heat compresses.


Apply to Heat or Ice to the Painful Stiff Neck Pain at Home




  • Massage for Neck Pain Treatment Relief

How you can get rid of neck pain fast at home is also by having someone gently massage the painful area using a circular motion.


Massage for Neck Pain Treatment Relief



  • Get Active

You can also get rid of neck pain fast at home by being active without making any sudden movements or jerking.

  • Essential oils for Neck Pain Relief

You can use a blend of essential oils to get rid of neck pain fast at home.

essential oils are known to have a soothing and calming effect.




Essential oils for Neck Pain Relief


Here are the essential oils:

peppermint oil, cypress oil, basil oil, lavender oil, and olive oil.

  • Blend a few drops of these essential oils and
  • Then add a teaspoon of the olive oil to it.
  • Then massage the blend into the neck for a few minutes.


  • Apply Cider Vinegar

Application of the cider vinegar is also how you can get rid of neck pain fast at home.

The Cider vinegar is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.


Apply Cider Vinegar for Neck Pain Relief at Home





  • All you will need is a few drops of cider vinegar and a towel,
  • Soak the towel into the Vinegar and then place on the neck for about an hour.
  • This will provide relief from the neck pain.



  • Epsom Salt Bath for Neck Pain

Epsom Salt contains magnesium and sulfate which aids in the regulation of certain body enzymes.

Also, it’s been known to reduce muscle tension and stress.



Epsom Salt Bath for Neck Pain


How you can get rid of neck pain fast at home using the Epsom salt is this:

  • Get a cup or two of the Epsom salt.
  • Fill your bathtub to about three-fourths and then add the Epsom salt.
  • Soak in the bath for about an hour.



Neck Pain Exercises - How to Get Rid of Neck Pain at Home



Bottom Line

How you can get rid of neck pain fast at home has an endless list  and some other remedies  handed down through tales of old housewives

However, the above list of how you can get rid of neck pain fast at home has been tested. You can fully depend on it.

Also, in searching for how to get rid of neck pain fast at home, you may be tempted to think that your symptoms are indicators of a more serious ailment.

Although, it’s most likely that neck pains are brought about by stress, wrong posture, muscle strain or even stress. All of which can be treated using any of the neck pain exercises. You can also use other remedies on how to get rid of neck pain fast at home.

Be mindful of habits that can put a strain on your neck. Habits like hunching over your system or phones, bending over to shampoo or wash your hair.

Also, beware of habits like holding your phone between your neck and shoulders.  All these can give you a real pain in the neck.

If for any reason you do get neck pain, I’m very confident that you can get rid of it fast at home using the remedies mentioned here.

However, if your neck pain persists after one week, or even gets worse you should visit your doctor.

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