Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin

Gone are the days when a good bath and a cream are the only skin care routine needed. These days, the pressure to look good is high and you have to find the right skincare routine for you.

But, is it really important to have a skin care routine?

And if yes, what are the benefits of sticking to a skincare routine? Find them below.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


Benefits of Skincare Routine


  • It Slows Down Aging

During our teenage days, we all love to feel, look and act older.

But, as we grow older we want to look younger and one of the ways to look younger is to have a smooth supple skin which is the result of a daily skincare routine.

As you grow older your skin tends to lose its elasticity, glow, and strength.

Having a skin care routine will slow down this process and your aging process.


  • It Boosts your Confidence

Having a facial skin care regimen leads to clearer skin which is free from dark circles, aches, skin tag, rashes and also free from acne.

All these will definitely boost your self-confidence.

In addition, a high self-confidence will reflect positively in different aspects of your life and this is definitely a good one.


  • It Improves the Overall Health of your Skin

The skin is an important organ of your body.  This is mainly because the skin is the heaviest and largest organ of the body.

The skin serves provides so many functions for the body. One of the functions is that it protects the body from heat and cold.

It also protects the body from germs and toxic substances.

With all the benefits the skin provides for the skin, it is only important to take good care or improve the skin’s health.


  • It Saves you Money in the Long Run

Having a good skin routine will save you from expenses.

This is because you don’t have to waste money for serious skin care treatment or even visit the dermatologist for serious skin treatment.

That being said, below are the step by step natural skin care routine you should follow to get that dazzling skin you have always wanted.


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Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps to Follow at Home



  •  Skin Cleanser

The first thing to do is to clean your face with warm water before applying any lotion on your face.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


However, instead of applying warm water, you can apply a face cleanser on your face.

Ensure the face cleanser does not make your skin feeling tight. This is because it can damage your protective skin layer.


Here is how to use a face cleanser if you decide to use one

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to clean the dirt from your hands.
  • Drop some amount of the facial cleanser on your hand.
  • Rub it on your face in a round motion.
  • Ensure you rub it on your neck also.
  • Then splash warm water on your face.
  • Do not use cold or hot water because it might irritate your skin.



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  • Exfoliate your Skin

The next step is to exfoliate your skin. This is an important part of your healthy skin routine and you should do this 2 to 3 times a week.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


If you have oily skin, exfoliating can clean your pores from the oily content. For dry skin, exfoliating can clean away the old dry skin cells.

Regular exfoliation will make your skin glow and this is because it allows your skin care products to penetrate into your skin.

However, if you have really sensitive skin, you should consult your dermatologist first before applying any product on your skin.

Another good benefit of exfoliating is that it prevents wrinkles. This is because it gets rid of old skin and it allows the new skin to surface.


In fact, it is said that exfoliating increases your ‘’skin cell turnover’’. This means your skin is given room to grow.

Exfoliation improves the absorption of your active skin care. This allows your skin care products to perform its duties even better.

Exfoliation also keeps blemishes and spots away. This is because dead skin cells encourage blemishes and spots to settle on your skin.

In addition, dead cells is a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, blackheads, pimples, and acne etc.

Exfoliation increase blood flow and circulation.

This simply means the blood get to the needed part of the body at the right time. This makes your skin radiant.


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  •  Skin Toner

This is the next step in your natural skin care routine. However, most people skip this step because they don’t see the need for it.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


Also, some type of skin toners can be really harsh on the skin and this can irritate the skin.

This can be easily avoided when you use toner which is meant for your skin type.

Also, you should consult your dermatologist before using a toner.

  • Prescription Products

Now is the appropriate time to use your prescribed products. Your prescribed product can give you a perfect skincare routine.

So, if your skin care Doctor has prescribed a product for your skin, then, you should go ahead and use the products.

This will help you to get a better skin care result.


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  • Serum for Skin

The next step is the application of serum on your everyday skincare routine.

Serums are generally known as the activators. They are very important to the skin.

They provide the following benefits below.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


  • It Reduces Breakouts

The serum absorbs faster and it does not encourage any left on the face.

The leftovers can lead to breakouts and acne on the face.


  • It Increases the Skin Nourishment

Serums give the skin the needed nourishment to nature your skin and make your skin look radiant.


  • It Brightens your Skin

Serum contains the right ingredients which can make your skin look bright and beautiful.


  • It Strengthens your Skin Cells

Serum activates the skin cells to perform its needed duties for your skin to look radiant.


Most importantly, ensure you follow the instructions on the serum before making use of it.




  • Eye Cream for Skin

This is an important aspect of your face skin regimen. This should be well cared for because the skin underneath the eye is very sensitive.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps to Follow at Home


Also, getting an eye cream for your skin care routine can prevent eye puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

An eye cream can nourish and also protect your skin.

Ensure you consult your skin Doctor before getting an eye cream.


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Below are tips you should follow when applying the eye cream

  • When applying the eye cream for your skin care routine, please be gentle about how you go about doing it.
  • This is because the eye is a sensitive area.
  • Do not let the product get into your eyes because this might lead to redness of the eyes. It can also lead to eye irritation.
  • Ensure you wash your face before application.
  • Do not apply it on top of your eyelid. Also, keep some distance from the bottom lashes during application.
  • Apply it morning and night 15 minutes before you go to bed and 15 minutes after waking up.
  • Ensure you do it moderately.



  • Moisturizer for Dry Skin

This is the time to apply moisturizer for your natural skin care routine. A moisturizer keeps all the skin products used in a place for good results.

You should moisturize your skin twice which should be in the morning and at night. This is because they serve different purposes.

Moisturizing during the day will keep your skin hydrated and well protected against the environmental effects it might encounter during the day.

In addition, it is also important to get a day moisturizer that contains a sun protector factor (SPF).

This will help shield your skin from the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays.

While at night, it is important to moisturize because the skin hydration drops.

At this stage, the skin can repair the dead cells and also build new cells.

As a result of this, you should ensure you get cream that can help your skin build the dead cells.


Ensure your night moisturizer contains these ingredients:

These ingredients will help repair and soothe the skin while preserving your skin’s hydration level.

To get a good result, ensure you use moisturizer the right way.

Use a moisturizer after having a shower. At this time, your skin is moist and it can easily absorb the moisturizer.

Most importantly, do not forget to moisturize your neck.

Apply it in an upward stroke. This is because as you grow older, your skin gently begins to pull downward which makes it sag and have wrinkles.

So, using this method can help rectify this.



  • Sunscreen

This is the last step for your face skin care regimen. This is needed to perfect your daily skin regimen.


Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home


Sunscreen is also known as sunblock or sun cream.

It is a gel, lotion, spray that absorbs some of the ultraviolet radiation with the goal of protecting or preventing the skin from skin burn.

Always use your sunscreen every two hours to protect your skin.


There are so many benefits of using sunscreen. Here are the benefits of using one below.


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Best Daily Skin Care Routine Steps for Glowing Skin at Home



Benefits of Using Sunscreen

  • It shields your skin from UV rays

The sun has been affected by the depleting ozone rays. This put your skin at higher risk of some harmful substances.

In as much, the vitamin D is healthy for your skin, you should also protect your skin from some other harmful substances.

Hence, it is important you get a sunscreen. This is because a sunscreen will block your skin from the harmful UV rays.


  • It Prevents Premature Aging

We all love to look young and sunscreen can help actualize this goal.

A sunscreen prevents your skin from developing wrinkles, fine lines etc.

This is one of the major reasons why people make use of sunscreen.


  • Lowers the Risk of having a Skin Cancer

Apart from the beauty benefits of using sunscreen, there are also other health benefits of using sunscreen and this is one of them.

Using a sunscreen will protect or lower the risk of having different types of cancer.

Most especially, it prevents your skin from developing melanoma which is the worse type of skin cancer.

This type of cancer affects women who are in their 20s.


  • It Prevents Sunburn

Sunburn does more harm to the skin. Sunburn weakens the skin which makes it more vulnerable to bruises and injuries.

Your skin may also suffer from different attack from itching, peeling, redness, and swelling.

This different attack can increase your risk of having lethal melanoma which is the worse type of skin cancer.


  • It Promotes the Health of Your Skin

The important skin nutrients such as keratin, collagen, and elastin are well protected by a sunscreen.

These nutrients keep the skin smooth and well nourished.

You should also ensure your sunscreen has contains titanium oxide.

This will ensure all the nutrients stay intact.


  • It Protects your Skin during Tanning

The concept of tanning is actually healthy. However, the process of tanning can expose your skin to those harmful UV rays.

So, you should use a sunscreen to protect your skin.

In addition, apply the sunscreen every 2 hours during tanning to protect your skin.



In conclusion, a good natural skin care routine is very important and these steps listed above can serve as the best skin care routine you should follow.

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