11 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Termites in The House

Do you really want to get rid o termites fast and naturally? If yes, then read on, because in the article I will show you remedies for termites on the wall, wood, furniture and anywhere inside your house.

Termites infestation can be a nasty thing. It can render most of our home furniture useless.

Termites are not pests you want to have in the home. They have no season which means they can invade your home at any time.

It is because of these that we present you with remedies to get rid of termites in the house.

Before we proceed to the 11 best remedies to kill termites fast, it is important we talk about the causes, and also the signs of termites.



11 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Termites in The House




What Causes Termites?

All termites are usually drawn to wood. However, there are many more factors that can lead to an infestation of termites.

We need to understand those factors that attract termites before we go into how to kill termite.

Below are some of the other factors responsible for termite infestation;


  • Wooden Structures That Come into Contact With Your House

Those woods that you use a bridge between your home and the ground can be a way through which termites come into your home.

This is because termites are known to feed on cellulose. Cellulose is a very important component found in wood.

There are termites that search for food that are above ground.

These kinds of termites are known as subterranean termites.

This can create an opportunity for the termites to get into your house.


  • Moisture

This factor is also specific to subterranean termites.

These kinds of termites are known to build colonies inside the soil.

This makes them get attracted to moisture.

Leaky pipes, standing water in the home’s foundation, and also roof gutters are ways through which moisture can attract termites to your home.


  • Geography

Geography also has a lot to play when it comes to the causes of termites.

Some of us live in areas and locations that are susceptible to the infestation of termites.

Examples of these are homeowners in areas of the South and also Gulf Coast.


  • Openings in the home’s Roof, Foundation, Walls, and Others

Any breach in the integrity of your home will be considered as an opportunity for termites to gain access to the home.

For example, if there are cracks in your home’s foundation, it can give subterranean termites the opportunity to gather all they need to construct tunnels.

It is important you always inspect your home’s windows, and also doors.

Repair any crack or openings that you notice in your home immediately.



Signs of Termites

All termites are frustrating. They are terrorizing pests and this is why people are always in the search for pest treatment.

However, there are many types of termites all with their different idiosyncrasies.

There are some that are easier to detect than the others.

Notwithstanding, below are some signs to look out for;

  • Always look out for holes. Termites can drill numerous holes in woods.
  • Fissures and cracks in the wood
  • Mud Tubes. The termites’ mud tubes are little tunnels that are made out of dirt or soil. The mud tubes serve as a pathway to connect the termites with food sources.
  • Also, look out for termite droppings. They are just like wood sawdust on your floor.
  • Drywood termites are known to be connected to these termite droppings. Once you find these droppings, then you can decide to use dry wood termite treatment.

Once you find any of these signs, then you can try DIY termite control as remedies to get rid of termites.



11 Best Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Termites in The House

Now that you know the causes and signs of termites, it’s time to introduce you to the 11 best natural remedies to get rid of termites right at home.

Whether you are looking for dry wood termite treatment or subterranean termite treatment, we’ve got you covered.

Below are our best termites treatments that serve as natural remedies to get rid of termites;


1. Orange Oil Termite Treatment




 How to Use Orange Oil to Get Rid of Termites Naturally at Home



Orange oil is especially useful for infestations that are limited to certain areas.

It is one of the best remedies to get rid of termites in your house.

Orange oil can help you eliminate termites for good.

It is known to have an ingredient called d-limonene that is extremely toxic to termites and other insects.


Researchers have since discovered that orange oil can be used to effectively control subterranean termites (1)



  • Begin by adding a few drops of orange oil to a cloth.
  • Use the cloth to wipe out this affected area.
  • Alternatively, you can inject small drops of orange oil by just drilling tiny holes in this area that is infested.



2. Make Use of Soapy Water

Spraying soapy water on termites is one of the best remedies to get rid of termites in your home.

Soapy water can help you to kill termites.

It does this by making the outer shell of the termite impermeable.

As a result, the termites won’t be able to breathe which will eventually lead to their death.



  • About 2-3 tablespoons of liquid soap.
  • 4 cups of water
  • Spray bottle.



  • Add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of liquid soap to your cups of water and mix them together.
  • Pour the mixture inside your spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution on the affected area.
  • Apply once again once you notice the soapy water is fading.



3. Clove Oil Spray

Clove oil is also one effective remedy to get rid of termites without chemical.

It serves as one of the best remedies to get rid of termites right at home.

It is a harmless and natural remedy which also helps you to kill other insects.

Below is a guide on how to make use of clove oil as an anti-termite treatment.



  • Few drops of clove oil
  • Water
  • Spray bottle.



  • Begin by adding a few drops of clove oil to a cup of water.
  • Pour this mixture inside your spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution on the affected area in your home.



4. Make Use of Diatomaceous Earth for Termites

There I no doubt that diatomaceous earth is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of termites fast.

This ingredient damages the termites’ outer shell.

Diatomaceous earth causes the body of the termites to get dehydrated. This ultimately leads to their death.



  • Just sprinkle the diatomaceous earth liberally on that affected area of your home.
  • You can reapply it once every day if you notice any live termite.



5. Flood Your Soil

This is an effective remedy that always works.

Flooding the soil helps to destroy the colony of the termites.

As the habitat of the termites gets destroyed, they get frustrated and will eventually migrate away.


Additionally, most termites will also die by drowning as you flood the soil.

However, you must ensure you clear off the surrounding areas before you flood your soil.

This is to prevent the termites from hiding in those areas.




11 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Termites in The House




6. Make Use of Garlic Oil 

Garlic is one ingredient that is known to possess incredible insecticidal properties.

This makes it one of the best natural remedies to get rid of termites in your home.

It is used to eradicate a severe infestation of termites.





  • Add all the ingredients together and mix them thoroughly.
  • Pour the solution into a spray bottle.
  • Spray them on the infested area.



7. Aloe Vera Gel to Get Rid of Termites

Aloe vera is an incredible ingredient that has a lot of uses.

It is known to be very useful in medical fields and is also used in hair care and skincare products.

Luckily for us, aloe vera is also one of the best termite control products out there.

It is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of termites fast.



  • Take some aloe vera leaves and crush these leaves to squeeze out fresh aloe vera gel.
  • Apply the gel to any area of your home that is infested with termites.



8. Make Use of Boric Acid to Kill Termites

Boric acid is known to be an effective way to eliminate insects from your home.

This also includes termites. It does this by targeting their nervous system, thereby killing the termites.

Don’t worry, boric acid is not toxic to humans.



  • All you need do is to sprinkle this boric acid over any infested part of your home.
  • All the termites will vanish in no time.



9. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly can also help you as one of the most effective Remedies to get rid of termites in the home.

This is because this product contains phenol. Phenol is known to repel insects, which helps it to control the infestation.



  • Take the petroleum jelly and rub it on the area that is affected.
  • Allow the jelly stay on for one day.
  • Thereafter, use a soft cloth to wipe away the excess petroleum jelly from the surface.



10. Spraying Salt Solution

You can also make use of water and salt to help get rid of termites.

Spraying this solution on the infestation and directly on the termites will help to kill them effectively.



  • Spray the solution several times on the affected area to get rid of these termites completely.



11. Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

Those tree stumps that have been lying in your garden for some while now may be responsible for the infestation of termites in your house.

It is the perfect place for termites to continue to thrive.

Once they find a home in the stump, it will take even lesser time for them to migrate to your house.

To prevent this, you must always get rid of tree stumps, broken branches of trees, and also dead leaves as quickly as possible.


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11 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Termites in The House





Now you have it, Seeing termites in our home can be irritating and frustrating.

As a result, the remedies are the best natural remedies to get rid of termites.

These remedies will help you get rid of termites without chemicals.

So you don’t have to worry about chemicals contaminating your food items.


Now it’s your turn, leave a comment below if you have any question

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